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Computer Golf Club Fitting Analysis
Manchester - Golf Equipment & Supplies Merrimack Valley

Owned and Operated by Ken Collins - 1996 Professional Clubmakers Association Clubmaker of the Year.

Ken Collins, 1996 Professional Clubmaker of the Year is dedicated to helping golfers play their best. He has developed his own proprietary fitting system that precisely matches the golfers equipment to their swing. This advanced technology enables Kustom Clubs Fitting Center to be the leader in custom fitted equipment.

Over 20 years experience in manufacturing and repairing golf clubs have shown us that 85% of golfers play with equipment that doesn't fit. Golfers can get more out of their golf game with personally fitted Kustom Clubs at a price lower than off-the-rack clubs which have been mass produced to fit a generic profile.
Like fingerprints, no two golfers are alike. Most important, with fitted golf clubs, all incorrect variables are eliminated giving you more time to concentrate on improving your swing.

Our exclusive DRS Fitting Variables are:
Client Interview
Shaft Selection
Proper Shaft Length
Loft and Lie
Swingweight and Staticweight
Grip Selection

In addition to our Kustom Club work and club repair and maintainance services, we do carry a select line of manufactured accessories and gift items.

Fitting Lab Services and Fees
Dynamically Fitted (30 min) $20.00
Loft & Lie Analysis Adjust Loft & Lie $5.50 /club
Computer Swing Analysis (45 min) $45.00
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Computer Fitting Analysis (60 min) $75.00
Digital Video Computer F/A (90 min) $125.00

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday 11:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Kustom Clubs Fitting Center
726 E. Industrial Pk. Dr. #5,
Manchester, NH 03109-5600
(603)623-7876 or (800)660-7876

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